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Daddy Key Chain™
with 4.5mm Alphabet Blocks
The Daddy Key Chains come with a child's name and magentic hematiate black beads. Each key chain comes with a charm. You can choose a free charm (shown below) or you can upgrade to a heavier sterling silver charm. The name string is DETACHABLE from the key chain shown so you can add it to an existing key chain, if you prefer.

Man bracelet 3 - jewelry for the man - beaded bracelets
Daddy Key Chain

This keychain
11 letters -- 11 letters $53
4.5mm Blocks
Symbol Blocks (sterling silver - 4.5mm)
Star of David

Free Charm Options (sterling silver)
Tiny Boy Charms
Tiny Boy Charms
Tiny Boy Charms
Tiny Boy Charms
Tiny Boy Charms

Daddy Key Chain™
Pricing of the Daddy Key Chain depends on the numbers of letters and symbols on each key chain.

1 letter $23
2 letters $26
3 letters $29
4 letters $32
5 letters $35
6 letters $38
7 letters $41
8 letters $44
9 letters $47
10 letters $50
11 letters $53
12 letters $56
13 letters $59
14 letters $62
15 letters $65
16 letters $68
17 letters $71
18 letters $74
19 letters $77
20 letters $80
21 letters $83

22 letters $86

Choose: Traditional or 1/2 Moon Keychain: key chain options

Enter Name(s): Love (amp) Light, Courtney (flower) Allison, (star) Matthew (star)

Choose number of numbers, letters or symbols written above: (Count symbols as ONE letter)

Choose charm : (Must choose one)
(see charms)

You may add another charm to your key chain : (OPTIONAL)
(see charms)

Add silver polishing cloth for cleaning (+ $5)

Jamiha Key Chain for Daddy
Daddy Key Chain
5 Letters
Shown with an upgraded BEADED HEART CHARM.

~ ~ ~

key chain options
Traditional Keychain - 1/2 Moon Keychain

~ ~ ~


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